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February 13th, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 6:59 pm.

Minutes for January meeting were read and accepted. Treasurer’s report for January was read and accepted.


Range Report: The New Heater has been installed in the Clubhouse.  Dick will install the cameras and “Stop Shooting” Lights when the weather warms up some.  The Cameras will be show the entrance, Pistol Range, Benches, Down Range and the Parking lot.


Trails Report: The State has finished logging.  Mike has put in to the State for a Grant for January grooming.  We are still unable to get fuel.  The Road Crossing signs have been installed.  Per the County Advisor we need to take pictures of the groomers track and send them to the state.  We also need to have two quotes to submit with the photos.


Old Business:  Sullivan County Sportsman Club maybe dissolving.  If this takes place we have been offered guns that they use for their youth shoots.  The Police Department will let us store the guns there if we provide a locker.  If this is to take place we will need to go through a gun dealer to have the youth guns transferred to us.  The decision will need to be made who they will be transferred to and what dealership to use.


New Business The Nomination Committee for the 2018 Officer Election is Brian Dillion, Frank Palmieri and Jon Palmieri.  The positions up for Election are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Range Master, Assist Range Master, Trail Master and two Board of Directors.  Jon Palmieri asked if we have a trail map.  The last one down was about 10 years ago.  We will look into getting a new trail map done and have local businesses sponser us.  Craig Richardson has suggested changing the wording in the By-Laws for the April meeting to put a time frame on the Petty Cash limit.  To put in stipulations for Emergency Situations to exceed the spending limit.  Bill has emailed Fish and Game about the Beaver Dam we are still waiting for a response.  Dick Westney proposed Donating a Membership to Amanda Lufkin for a fundraiser.  A vote in favor took place and Dick will reach out to Amanda to give her the membership information.  John Dole will need to get into the Groomer Barn to find out what will be needed to have heat installed. 



Meeting adjourned 8:14 pm