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October 9, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 6:58pm.

Minutes for the September meeting were read and accepted with the following changes. Under Trails: If we are looking to hold a snowmobile event that will allow participants with unregistered or out of state snowmobiles access to the event, it will need to have the paperwork submitted to the State no later than 46 days before the event. Under Old Business: The new logger will need a truck that does not have a flatbed so it can make the corner to go over the bridge. Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

Range: The concrete slab has been poured for the addition and the first level of walls are in. Work will continue on Sunday mornings. Winter trap shoot will begin on the 1st Sunday of November and will be held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Paul contacted Hughes net for internet it will be $49 per month for 10GB of Data or $59 per month for 20 GB of Data. The downside with satellite is we could lose service when the weather is bad. Craig will contact Comcast again. Comcast will cover some of the construction cost. If we do a Closed Circuit system, we will not need internet service but wires will need to be run.

Trails: The lumber is in for the bridge repairs. The state has awarded us $9,000 for the Groomer. The track cleats are $135 each, belts are $400 each and back plates are $5 each, which will be about $8,000 for the repairs. Everything will be ordered. The Bureau has proposed an increase to all Registrations and an increase for the hourly payment of the Groomer. This will eliminate Grant and Aid for winter maintenance but we will be able to apply for Grant and Aid for summer maintenance (i.e. Bridge repairs). The bridge by Beaudry’s has been stripped and is ready for the new deck. Brush cutting will also need to be done.

Old Business: Ed is still looking into a new logger. We have no new information on our non-profit status.

New Business: Range clean-up day will be the last Sunday of October 28 from 9-1. The Town Office will now be able to register snowmobiles. The winner for the Drawing is Charlie Andrus.

Adjourn 7:57pm